Trust Safety & Insurance

The users of the Fox app grant their consent for the processing of personal data during the installation of the Fox app.


Your personal data is collected and processed by the company Fox. Fox only collects and processes the personal data submitted by the users in the course of installation and use of the Fox app. A user’s disclosure of geographical location data is a precondition for using the Fox app.



1. What type of personal data we collect and process


Name, telephone number, e-mail address, feedback ratings and payment information of the app user;

Geographical location of the user, the time of provision of service and the destination;

Identification data of the device on which the Fox app has been installed;

Cookies of the website save the website user’s telephone number and geographic location data.


2. The purpose of collecting and the period of processing of personal data


We collect and process personal data for the purpose of matching up an user with a driver;

We forward the data on geographic location and telephone number of the user to the driver to enable to decide whether the user is located nearby;

We may use the personal data to resolve driver´s service quality issues;

We use contact details to notify you of updates to the Fox app;

We collect data of the routes taken by the Fox app users to analyze the geographic coverage in order to make recommendations to the transportation providers;

The personal data collected via the Fox app will not be used for identification of persons or their locations, nor for the purpose of behavioral marketing.

We will hold and process your personal data only for the period your account is activated.



3. The method of collecting personal data


We collect data on the names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of Fox app users during the process of the  installation;

We only collect data on the geographic location if the Fox app has been activated;

The collection of geographic location data stops after the Fox app is closed in the user’s device.



4. Disclosure of personal data to third parties


The personal data of users is only disclosed to those transportation providers who have activated the Fox app; in such case, they will see the name, telephone number and geographic location of the user;

After providing the service, the name of the user will remain visible to the driver for 24 hours. This is necessary for transportation providers to resolve any issues associated with service provision, e.g., to contact the customer if something was left behind in the car;

The feedback on the quality of the service is anonymous and transportation providers do not receive information on the names and telephone numbers of the users who provided feedback;

Depending on the location of the user, the personal data may be handed over to the relevant local entities providing Fox app services. Any collection and processing of personal data by local Fox service providers shall occur under the same conditions as established in this privacy policy.


5. Security and deletion of data


Any personal data collected in the course of providing the Fox service is transferred to and stored in the data centers located on the territory of Qatar. Only authorized employees of Fox and local service providers have access to the personal data and they may access the data only for the purpose of resolving issues associated with the use of the Fox app (including disputes with the transportation providers);

If you would like to delete the personal data collected by us, you can do so by submitting a written request to our customer support via [email protected] After receiving the request we will delete the account and any personal data associated with the account if there are no any outstanding payments. After the deletion the personal data will be anonymized and used for analytics only;

Please note that the de-installation of Fox app in your device does not cause the deletion of your personal data. If you want to delete your personal data collected by Fox, please send a written request by email as indicated above. You should also bear in mind that the request to delete personal data is possible only if we delete your account. As a result of that you will not be able to use Fox services under your existing account.

If you presume that we (or any other Fox entity processing your personal data) carry such processing in contradiction with your personal rights or in contradiction with the law, in particular if the personal data is inaccurate, you may:

a) ask us (and/or any other Fox entity processing your personal data) for an explanation;

b) require us (and/or any other Fox entity processing your personal data) to remedy the arisen state of affairs (in particular by blocking, correction or supplementing of personal data);

c) Appeal directly to the respective data protection authority having the jurisdiction over your personal data.


6. Direct marketing


We only use your e-mail address and phone number for sharing our product related marketing messages if you have given a respective consent on the website or in the Fox app. If you no longer wish to receive direct marketing messages, please click the “Unsubscribe from direct marketing messages” link in the header of our e-mail or Profile section of Fox mobile App.


7. Personal data of transportation providers


We only collect and process personal data of transportation providers to the extent necessary for verifying the driver’s qualifications for pursuing this professional activity and safeguarding the contractual relations associated with the Fox app service. The personal data of transportation providers may be handed over to the entities listed at

Any collection and processing of personal data of transportation providers by local Fox´s service providers shall occur under the same conditions as established in this privacy policy.

Using the Fox app with dispatch feature, a service operator can see the geographic location of a driver, information on dispatches and the times of using the service. If a driver would like for his or her geographic location not to be visible to the dispatch operator, he or she can disable the app by tapping the “Quit” button.